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Deepening Prayers …

By Jan 28, 2015 9:46am

… today Susan’s heart will be “tested” as the support from the RVAD will be decreased further; the docs will make use of a couple of sensing devices to see how her heart responds and can make determinations from there. I won’t go into a lot of tech-y details right now. It’s simply time to deepen prayers and hold Susan closely. Smile at her heart!

With loving arms holding you all … another post later today,

Music at last…

By Jan 16, 2015 10:11pm

Susan returned to surgery this morning to remove some clotting that had formed in her chest, and to antiseptically clean everything. Although these surgeries are concerning, and never without some risk, the doctor told us that each time she bounces back to a level that is better than it was before the surgery. So, it’s been a bit of a two-step dance of two steps forward and one step back. We are hopeful that she will get more days in a row for recovery and healing, so that she doesn’t have these setbacks.

She did come through the surgery quite well, and was becoming alert and responsive once again by the end of the day. When her daughter, Anna, asked her if she would like her CD player and some music, she nodded quite enthusiastically, “Yes!”. So, Anna brought up the player this evening, and put on a lovely harp CD by our dear friend Kathleen, who has been here with us this whole time. Susan was clearly very pleased to have the quiet music playing in the background of an otherwise busy room. We will try to find a smaller player that we can connect to a set of headphones for her, and can further reduce the general noise of an ICU. All “good” sounds, mind you, as they are the whir, ding, click, and hum of many machines assisting people in getting back to an independent state of health. Yet, is is distracting … I know her deep and committed meditation practice helps her stay calm and focused on the goal of returning to full health.

In deepest gratitude for you all, and for your continued prayers and healing energy being sent Susan’s way. I can tell you, from standing at her bedside, that she feels all the light and love being sent her way, and is responding to it so positively. Just keep it coming!

Simple wants are enough…

By Jan 15, 2015 3:33pm

Last night and today have been quiet; adjustments to Susan’s meds keep her stable and ever-so-incrementally moving in the direction the doctors would like. And yet every moment is a moment separate from the last and separate from the next. Susan continues to reside in this very present moment, breathing in and breathing out, resting, healing, meditating. Every moment that she continues without event, without an incident, is a moment of “success”. There is nothing more than that.

Today she indicated that she would like to have some moisturizer for her mouth … the first time we have been aware of her “asking” for something to make her more comfortable. It is the first sign of her actually being able to participate in her care, which I interprete as a positive thing. She is shifting around a bit to try to get more comfortable, which we know is a difficult thing. And, she has been even more aware of our presence as we have come and gone throughout the day.

When I think of her needs, which in a medical sense are so profound, I am struck my the simplicity of what brings her some real relief. It is a gentle swab of her mouth with some moisturizer on it. And she responds so gratefully, with an acceptance of “that is enough” for now. What can I accept as “enough” for now with the depth of gratitude that Susan is radiating?

If Not Now, When?

don't wait, do it now

To address today’s current “TOPIC OF THE DAY” on Facebook: SUPREME COURT DECISION allowing Hobby Lobby and three other plaintiffs to deny certain birth control coverage to their employees. To be clear, it is not ALL birth control that is being denied, but abortifacients and abortion related services. The “birth control pill” is not included.

I don’t agree with Hobby Lobby’s point of view, AND “they” are not the problem. Like it or not, they have the “right”, as do you and I and any other entity, to bring our grievances into the legal system. Just because the outcome doesn’t “go our way” doesn’t mean the system has failed us.

It worked exactly as WE HAVE DESIGNED IT TO BE**[see below]. It was our Supreme Court that made the decision. What we must continue to do is to express our willingness to include all beings in our sphere of acceptance, even those with whom we do not agree, and then take action to generate a different, more meaningful, and compassionate outcome. Otherwise, we are simply on the other side of the same proverbial coin. Just another voice talking into the wind.

This does not mean that we don’t express our outrage at what seems inappropriate, unjust, and inhumane. What we seek is effective communication about what is and is not working, and employ actions that might actually create an altered outcome to the benefit of all involved. Blowing off steam, using the language of hate, posting angry expletives only increases the distance within our culture. It’s an “us vs. them” mentality, and that has NEVER created lasting change that works for the good of all.

Boycotting Hobby Lobby won’t change the political leanings of the Supreme Court – and could bring undue harm to their employees. We should not choose to be part of that possible chain of events, if we are who we say we are. The women, and wives of the men, that work for Hobby Lobby have just been denied full access to health care–as will the employees of any other similarly structured corporation (I just want to note that this is NOT the fault of the ACA, aka “Obamacare”, as ALL insurance companies within the available health exchanges MUST cover birth control). Effective boycotting, truly effective boycotting, would cost the company money that could lead to a loss of jobs, denial of pay raises, and other benefits now provided to the employees. Are we willing, in our self-righteousness, to be a lynchpin for those possible ramifications? Would that be compassionate action for all concerned?

And, as important, it wouldn’t change a thing. It’s not up to Hobby Lobby to make the change, nor would it be in their interests. That lies solely within the purview of the Court, and that is where, if you really want to make a difference, you may have some power. Take action! Real action! Support causes that want to bring the decision up for appeal. It may take years to get the decision reviewed, but major decisions like this get reviewed all the time. Find the places on the Internet where this is happening, and get busy and spread the word! That is where Facebook (and other social media sites) can be a real tool for change The ruling leaves open the option for the Federal Government to pay for birth control if a woman’s health insurance will not. When that comes up for a vote, and it will, get involved. Be the change you wish to see (Gandhi). If you truly are invested in a different outcome, it will take a different course of action. Simply posting “I don’t like it” posting on Facebook is not likely to do any more than make you feel like they “did something” when actually nothing got handled. What’s your stake in this game, and what are you willing to do to make it different? Does it REALLY matter to you? Or, are you just pissed at the thought of the Court’s decision, you’ve voiced your annoyance on Facebook or Twitter, and now life goes on as usual?

Your call.

**One could argue this point in that the way the higher court is currently structured is far off center from the intentions of our Constitution’s designers. Originally the Supreme Court was to be free from political/partisan interpretations, and be a neutral “middle of the road” place where decisions were made according to the Constitution’s included clauses, amendments, and dictates. It was not intended to be “open to interpretation” by political influence. However, we are a nation of sentient human beings, and as such we are not exempt from our leanings and beliefs about how it “should be”, and the members of the Supreme Court have been selected accordingly. When someone is chosen to serve that reflects our particular political proclivities, we cheer. When s/he is from an opposing perspective, we jeer. Hence, the heavily divisive and partisan Court we now have. The question remains, “Is it working for us?”