May I have this Dance?

By Jan 28, 2015 5:43pm

(My thanks to Anna, as I took the liberty of paraphrasing parts of her Facebook update this afternoon to write this post.)

Today was a GOOD day as Susan’s heart responded to the heart pump (RVAD) being turned down somewhat with positive results! Dr. Groh was very happy with what he saw, and there are still some things to bring into balance. Over the next several days Dr. Groh will be adjusting (downward) the medications that have been supporting her heart function while the RVAD continues to support her heart. The plan is to let her body adjust to not having the support of the medications, then work with weaning her heart off the machine. Sometime in the near future (maybe Friday?) he will do another trial of her right ventricle function to see how things are progressing. Tomorrow there is a plan to do another heart catheterization to be sure that nothing else is going on in her heart. It is a delicate dance, and this doc is a gifted choreographer!

Today was also the very difficult conversation about “if this doesn’t work, what next?”, and Dr. Groh said that he has been in full communication with the heart transplant center at Duke University Hospital (one of the major transplant hospitals in the US). No plans or decisions in that direction are being made at this point, but it is at least an option being offered if her heart does not appear to be strong enough on it’s own. Susan is now fully aware of the seriousness of her condition, and will take all of this into her meditations and practice as we move forward.

Susan has been in this dance with This Moment with such grace and acceptance, and she accepted today’s success with some sweet element of relief and joy. Dr. Groh even said that she could begin to increase the bit of applesauce/mango puree she has been allowed, from a couple of teaspoons 2-3 times a day to somewhat more. She takes in each bite with a delicious combination of gratitude and pleasure. There IS that smoothie from the juice bar coming one of these days soon!

Your prayers continue to be so welcome and deeply received …


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