A Very Busy Day

By Jan 26, 2015 9:02pm

This was a long and busy day for Susan. Busy partly because she is more and more engaged in her daily care, asking questions and understanding more and being proactive, like requesting a time to discuss plans with her doctors. She is still very weak and needs a lot of help but she is an active participant in her care which is wonderful to see.
Each day she shows more progress. Today it was passing her swallow test and being able to send out for one of her favorite juices. Just a few sips from a teaspoon but it was a start. With help she sat up in bed and dangled her feet for a little bit longer today and with less support than usual. She is able to move her hands and legs more freely in bed, reaching for and using a suction device if she needs to. Today she was able to hold the phone to her ear and talked to her good friend Charleen in Hawaii. Her voice becomes stronger and a little less hoarse each day making it easier to converse. Considering where she was just a short time ago, it was a joy to watch Susan and her daughter Anna comfortably talking back and forth from my vantage point on the other side of the bed.
We all would like to be a fly on the wall when her surgeon sees her tomorrow. After four days of being away I think his jaw is going to drop when he sees how much Susan has improved. It’s all been small and steady steps adding up! The goal to steadily strengthen Susan’s muscles, improve her nutrition and increase her stamina is all to decrease her heart’s reliance on the assistance of the ventricular pump. The surgeon is planning to “dial down” the pump some more this week and allow Susan’s right ventricle to resume its job of pumping blood to the lungs and then back to the left side of the heart. Susan especially needs your continued loving prayers and healing energy.
She asked me today to let everyone know how grateful she is for you keeping her in the light and that she can feel everyone’s love and support and that she believes it is all helping her.
She particularly enjoyed seeing pictures of her dear friends in her Innervision group.

With so much gratitude for the steadily emerging essence and beloved spirit of our dear Susan.

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